The rise of influencers who can’t stop Snapping

A new type of creator takes over Snapchat

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The Future. Verified users on Snapchat, dubbed “Snap Stars,” are making a lot of money on the platform by posting incessantly and giving up privacy. The always-on lifestyle won’t work for every creator, but for those willing to broadcast their lives, Snap Stars may be ushering in a creator-economy future defined by letting fans feel like they’re living life with you.

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It’s easy to make money posting Snap stories… if you never stop posting.

  • According to Insider, influencers like Alyssa McKay, Leilani Green, and David Dobrik post 100 to 200 photos and videos each day, showing every moment of their lives.
  • Creators say it’s a relatively low-lift way to make money, posting authentic content that really doesn’t need to be edited or curated… and knowing it’ll disappear in 24 hours.
  • That’s provided a huge windfall, with McKay making over a million dollars since Snap’s mid-roll ad monetization feature rolled out early last year.

Of course, there’s one major tradeoff: privacy. Several creators told Insider that they’ve given up on the concept in the name of making money. And for them, it’s a lot less intensive than livestreaming on YouTube or Twitch, especially since they can schedule when posts will appear on their stories.

Either way, it seems we’ve all willingly created our very own Truman Show.


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