COVID rewired shopping and dining

Because of COVID, doing errands may never be the same again.

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The Future. Because of COVID, doing errands may never be the same again. With innovations in E-commerce, QR codes, and loyalty apps, technology not only met the social-distancing moment but has now cemented its place in the normal way of operating. While many of the innovations may make doing business easier, they may also put more distance between retailers and customers.

Drive-thru everything
According to Axios, here’s what people do and don’t like about how we now buy and eat.


  • Pros: Mostly everyone is now comfortable with e-commerce and is on board with drive-thru or drive-up pickup options.
  • Cons: The shrinking of open store hours and constant supply chain shortages are a headache.


  • Pros: Online ordering options and restaurant loyalty apps have won over customers because of their convenience.
  • Cons: Replacing physical menus with QR codes that open them on your phone are a bust — a 2022 survey by Technomic found that 88% of diners preferred paper menus.

Anything else that you love or grinds your gears?


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