SoleSavvy unboxes COLLECT resale platform

SoleSavvy dropped its COLLECT sneaker marketplace for its members

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SoleSavvy unboxes COLLECT resale platform


Future. SoleSavvy dropped its COLLECT sneaker marketplace for its members — a destination where real people can buy, sell, and trade their collections without rampant profiteering and the help of algorithms. For the more casual sneakerhead, COLLECT could prove to be a lower-stakes way of getting the kicks they want.

Humans only
SoleSavvy believes that its community can show the sneaker world at large how to do business responsibly.

  • The member-only platform has launched a marketplace app called COLLECT, where users can buy, sell, and trade personal sneaker collections.
  • SoleSavvy won’t take any processing fees and hopes to cap resale prices.
  • The app will also have a unique verification process so users can’t get scammed.

After a brief test back in March, the COLLECT app is now available to everyone on both iOS and Android.

Community try ons
According to Input, the goal of the app is to “bring a face back to otherwise anonymous transactions.” That means having a marketplace that isn’t overrun by both checkout-disrupting bots and opportunistic resellers.

With COLLECT, SoleSavvy is trying to get ahead of issues that have plagued other resale sites, such as StockX, Goat, eBay, and Nike’s SNKRS. While COLLECT probably won’t drive the demand and sale prices of those other marketplaces, that’s entirely the point — SoleSavvy, like LACED and Kickstroid, is a community platform first and foremost (at a pretty steep $33 per month).

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