Spotify programs the new radio

Spotify’s radio-like “Music + Talk” format is expanding globally.

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Spotify programs the new radio


Future. Spotify’s radio-like “Music + Talk” format is expanding globally, allowing users to add commentary to their playlists. If the feature takes off with artists themselves, Music + Talk could provide listeners with the next iteration of the commentary album.

Streaming DJ
Looks like Spotify is reviving the radio star.

  • Spotify is expanding a feature it’s been testing called “Music + Talk,” a blended audio format that mixes spoken-word commentary and music.
  • The feature creates the experience of listening to a traditional radio DJ, and is rolling out to creators all around the world through Spotify’s Anchor platform.
  • These new radio shows will be available to both free and Premium subscribers.

Spotify also points out that when creators insert songs into their spoken-word playlists, the original artists will still be compensated for those streams.

Spotify touts that tens of thousands of Music + Talk shows are already up and running. Additionally, the streaming giant is also launching its own Spotify Original show, dubbed Music + Talk: Unlocked, to educate users on the possibilities of the feature.


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