Spotify debuts granular charts

Spotify is providing a lot of detailed charts on how music on the platform is performing all around the world.

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Spotify debuts granular charts


The Future. Spotify is providing a lot of detailed charts on how music on the platform is performing all around the world. In an increasingly fractured cultural landscape, artists may be able to carve out success — not by debuting on global charts but by finding immense popularity in hyper-specific locations.

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Spotify is micro-charting music on its platform.

  • The streamer is rolling out weekly genre charts (200 songs across 17 genres) that will take into consideration both user playlists and editorial curation.
  • It’s also debuting artist charts to rank the top 200 artists globally and the top artists in Spotify’s top 65 markets.
  • To get even more granular, Spotify is also rolling out 200 unique city charts for songs in specific municipalities, which can also be used to compare how a song is doing globally.

Additionally, Spotify is providing some insightful data analytics for artists, including when a song entered a chart, its peak position, and “streaks.” Artists can then share these milestones with fans via a promo card.

So, where can the average user find this information? If you really want to get in the weeds, Spotify has its own dedicated website.

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