Spotify debuts a song remix feature

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The Future. Spotify is working on a remix tool that would let users change the speed and pitch of any song on the platform, while opening up a new revenue stream for rights holders. By giving users a new way to engage with their music, artists might soon find versions of songs they didn’t create becoming moneymaking, breakout hits.

Speed up, get paid
Spotify is taking cues from trends on TikTok for its newest feature.

  • The streamer’s remix tool will allow paid subscribers to create sped-up and slowed-down versions of songs, while giving subscribers to the upcoming “Superpremium” tool even more advanced features.
  • Users could then possibly save their preferences for each song so they can be shared on Spotify (but not on social platforms) and listened to again in the future.
  • Artists, publishers, and labels would receive royalties for these versions — something that, to the headache of the entire music industry, hasn’t been solved on TikTok.

Listenership for manipulated songs has exploded so much in recent years (38% of of songs on TikTok last year had their speeds or pitches changed), that artists are just doing it themselves. SZA’s “Saturn” and Dua Lipa’s “Illusion” were released in multiple versions simultaneously this year.

They wanted to make sure they got those royalties somehow.

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