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AI takes on doctor burnout

Illustration by Kate Walker

AI takes on doctor burnout


The Future. Healthcare worker burnout is reaching all-time highs, with only 50% of employees saying they are “happy” at work. With shortages looming, healthcare AI companies raised a record $12 billion in funding last year. But with many Americans still wary of artificial intelligence, it may still be a while until the technology gains the public’s trust.

Dr. AI
AI is lending healthcare workers a helping hand.

  • No more sloppy doctor notes — DeepScribe, Nuance, and Suki help doctors transcribe their patient conversations.
  • Health Note, Decoded Health, and Keona Health help manage patients and streamline data collection before they arrive at the office or hospitals.
  • As hospital labs deal with staff shortages and operate with up to 35% vacancies, startups like Biocogniv are stepping in to help automate repetitive work.

To a crisp
Even before the pandemic, burnout was a major issue in the healthcare industry, with more than 40% of physicians saying they struggled with it. COVID only worsened stress across hospitals — packed work days, demanding hours, and emotional burdens.
AI could be a powerful tool to help fill in staffing gaps and ease pressures on workers… but not everyone’s on board. Nearly half of all US physicians say they’re uncomfortable with the tech. Zooming out, the recent controversy over Google’s LaMDA chatbot shows just how wary the public is of AI as well.

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