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Tech cuts lines


Tech cuts lines


The Future. New apps are making waiting in line obsolete, freeing up people’s time to do literally anything other than standing in place, like enjoying a popular event or running daily errands. In a bid to make some events more exclusive, expect to see some venues or retailers institute mandatory lines in order to appeal to a truly diehard fanbase.

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With a smartphone in hand, you may never have to wait in line again.

  • Whyline allows users to claim their place in a virtual queue at banks, retail stores, and even LAX. It was recently acquired by biometric ID company CLEAR.
  • Safe Queue automatically lets users know when they’re within 1,000 feet of a participating store. Users can then join the line and wait somewhere else until it’s their turn.
  • Even Universal Studios Orlando is rolling out virtual lines for its rides, which can accommodate groups of up to ten people.
  • And in case a place doesn’t have its own app (or works with a third-party app), you can always hire a “line stander” on TaskRabbit.

Soon, the days of striking up spontaneous conversations in line and feeling the hype of whatever you’re waiting for may be a relic of the past. In the age of COVID, many may be happy about that… for now.