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AriZona Tea x Adidas shoes are 99¢. Why?

The Future. Brands used to use marketing to promote new products. Now they use new products to promote the brand.

The release
In a partnership of oddly capitalized brand names, AriZona is releasing a shoe with adidas.

The shoes come out today at a pop-up store in downtown Manhattan.

The colorways will be “bright pinks, yellows, and vivid greens,” showcasing AriZona’s “iconic flower patterns.”

The answer is on the shoe itself. The tongue reads “99¢ Great Buy!” The same phrase is emblazoned on cans of AriZona sitting in the fridge at your neighborhood bodega.

From a brand perspective, the shoes are ads themselves. They tell the unique story of the product, both through its iconography and its uniquely low price.

These “ads” aren’t distributed through normal channels, but through news sites writing about them (because they’re 99¢).

Thus sneakerheads will pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars at re-sale to wear mini-billboards on their feet.

Then what will they do? Amplify those “ads” on social media.