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Artists turn to TikTok creators to launch new music

TikTok new music // Illustration by Kate Walker

Artists turn to TikTok creators to launch new music


Future. Forget radio DJs and renowned music journalists, TikTok (and its deep bench of influencers) has emerged as the most important platform for music marketing. Now, labels and artists are working hand-in-hand with creators to best strategize a way to turn singles into bonafide trends. In order to make sure it’s not just the biggest names in pop that benefit from the strategy, record labels may start to pinpoint subcultures on the platform that can push a variety of genres to fans.

Viral strategy
Popular TikTokers may be the most influential music curators today.

  • Recently, artists and labels are recruiting TikTok creators  to host livestream concerts, moderate Q&As, and use pieces of new songs in videos.
  • They’re even bringing in non-creator accounts, such as those that smash things with hydraulic presses or fill glasses with slime (they have a lot of followers), to use songs in videos.
  • Buck to creators: marketing teams are also hosting big, virtual listening sessions with several creators at once, giving them a chance to connect with artists.

How in demand are TikTok creators to push music really? Influencer Ari Elkins, who has 1.8 million followers, told Insider that he receives 30-40 emails a day from artists sharing music they want him to promote.

Groundswell tastemakers
How big are the artists turning to TikTok for help?

  • Miley Cyrus held two listening sessions with 15 creators for her 2020 single “Midnight Sky.”
  • Tiësto held a concert and release party in October that was attended by influencers and livestreamed on TikTok.
  • Demi Lovato and Marshmello held a brainstorming session with influencers to see how best they could use their song “Ok to Not Be Ok” in videos.
  • Daddy Yankee met with creators to debut his music video for “Problema.”

But here at TheFutureParty, we have one pressing question: when is slime getting invited to the listening parties?

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