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The attention economy deals with distraction

Illustration by Kate Walker

The attention economy deals with distraction


Future. The growth slowdown is not special to just film and TV streaming but to the entire attention-economy ecosystem at large. Why? COVID (as a pandemic) is coming to a close. While rolling out endless digital innovations was a huge driver of growth (stock, revenue, and users), the next wave of features could help people ease back into normal life… while still keeping your attention.

Life reset
Does the attention economy still have your attention?

  • Over the past week, Big Tech companies like Meta and Google have reported depressed revenue growth… so they’re slowing down investment in order to focus on raising returns.
  • Twitter reported revenue and user growth, but ditched its “100-million more subs” goal after the Musk-sale decision, noting that it won’t hit that at this rate.
    • Also, Twitter admitted that it realized it’d been over-reporting users due to a technical error.
  • Some analysts say Spotify is on the cusp of its (not good) Netflix moment, meaning that while subscription-growth is still going up, a ceiling is in sight.

While the eventual growth fall-off was inevitable, it’s ironic that it comes just as Anthony Fauci declared that COVID is “out of the pandemic phase” (although, he’s walked back those comments a little).

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