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The Brooklyn Nets score their own metaverse

The Netaverse // Courtesy of YES Network via Twitter

The Brooklyn Nets score their own metaverse


The Future. The Brooklyn Nets have launched the “Netaverse” — a metaverse platform that allows spectators to jump digitally right in the middle of a game. The gamification of everything is becoming a bonafide trend, and with sports betting now legal, expect the Nets to open up new lines of revenue by making the Netaverse even more interactive.

You could watch a Nets game on TV in real life, or you could really get in on the action by entering the Netaverse.

  • The Brooklyn Nets launched their own metaverse platform (amazingly) called the “Netaverse,” making them the first American sports franchise to try the tech.
  • The Netaverse renders games digitally in near-real-time by using footage captured by 100 high-res cameras surrounding the court at Barclays Center.
  • The lifelike 3D render allows fans to jump into the game wherever they want, like right under the basket or at the three-point line.

The effect creates the first real 360-degree virtual reality view of a sports game. Don’t be surprised if Oculus wants to get in on a partnership.