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Cala upgrades merch into full fashion lines

Courtesy of Cala

Cala upgrades merch into full fashion lines


Future. Fashion design and manufacturing company Cala has launched an iOS app that gives creators the ability to create and distribute a fashion line right from their phones. With company co-founder and CEO Andrew Wyatt claiming it’s as automated as “creating a TikTok,” digital platforms like Cala could become the go-to powerhouses behind millions of small businesses.

Fashion first
Why have just some merch for sale when you can have a full-scale fashion line?

  • Cala’s platform gives users the ability to sketch designs, source materials, coordinate production, and oversee distribution.
  • The app has two subscription tiers: a free Starter Pack with very limited features and a Professional Pack that comes with all the bells and whistles for $29.99/month per person.
  • When a fashion line is ready to enter production, Cala will handle all the “non-creative” logistics for $500/month.

Cala takes a 20% fee on production costs (sourcing and manufacturing) and a 10% fee on fulfillment costs (shipping returns, storage).

Got the goods?
If it feels like every creator and their mom has a merch line these days, you’re not wrong. Most are just the creator’s logo slapped on a T-shirt or hoodie, but creators like PewDiePie and the D’Amelio sisters have taken those merch ambitions to the next level.

While it has strong competition from Represent (which has worked with names like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jennifer Lopez) Cala has already attracted names like comedy group Friday Beers, Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce, and Atlanta-based skater Tyreek Morrison.

Let the merch games begin.