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A teenager built the known universe in Minecraft

Courtesy of Christopher Slayton via YouTube

A teenager built the known universe in Minecraft


The Future. Teenage Minecraft builder Christopher Slayton built the entire universe in painstaking detail on the gaming platform. The accuracy and attention to detail may demonstrate how Minecraft could reinvigorate education — using virtual worlds to teach out-there scientific concepts or explore uncharted territories in a language that young people are innately interested in.

Cosmic blocking

Christopher Slayton has made it possible for anyone to explore the cosmos.

  • NYT reports that the 18-year-old, known by the username ChrisDaCow, recreated the universe in Minecraft block-by-block over the course of two months.
  • To build the universe to accurate proportions, Slayton had to teach himself new math concepts, studied endless photos from NASA, and even jumped out of an airplane.
  • Players can now use their avatars to fly through the universe and explore different planets.

To get a glimpse of his astounding achievement, you can check out Slayton’s video overview here.

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