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Bored Ape trilogy marks Coinbase’s possible push into streaming

The Degen Trilogy // Illustration by Kate Walker

Bored Ape trilogy marks Coinbase’s possible push into streaming


Future. Coinbase is casting up its upcoming film trilogy with Bored Apes in what could be the first-ever released feature based around NFT characters. If the project gets enough community engagement and takes off, it could cement Coinbase not just as a new entrant in the streaming war, but potentially carve out a niche as the home of crypto-backed choose-your-own-adventure storytelling.

Apes on films
Coinbase is ISO: Bored Apes.

  • The cryptocurrency exchange platform is developing a three-part film series called The Degen Trilogy… and it wants BAYC NFT holders to submit their apes (and their ideas) for potential roles.
  • Anyone with a Coinbase Wallet can submit their ape, which will also give them access to a peek inside the development process over the next year, making them eligible for airdrops (free tokens; probably ApeCoin), and vote on storylines.
  • And if their Ape is selected, the owner will receive a $10,000 licensing fee.
  • The first of the films will (somehow) premiere in June.

If you’re an owner of a Bored Ape, you can submit headshots to this microsite.

Community content
William Swann, Coinbase’s entertainment and culture marketing director, said of the project: “We wanted to find a way to celebrate the NFT space and really the utility of NFTs, and make it a cross-over project that brings new people into the fold.” Partnering with BAYC is a natural fit, as the ownership of a Bored Ape gives the holder license to use them however they please. They’re essentially avatars.

Coinbase’s announcement comes on the heels of Kevin Smith announcing that he was planning on doing a similar idea around the NFT collection connected to his newest project, KillRoy Was Here — including unique KillRoy NFT characters and the stories their owners create in an upcoming sequel.

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