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EQLZ drops a metaverse sneaker accelerator

Courtesy of EQLZ Society

EQLZ drops a metaverse sneaker accelerator


The Future. EQLZ is minting the first sneaker accelerator in the metaverse with “EQLZ Society,” giving NFT holders the ability to turn their designs into physical shoes. With the crypto winter freezing Web3 projects that were little more than get-rich-quick schemes, Web3 projects that turn community creativity into something exclusive and tangible may be the ones that stand out.

Build-A-Kick Workshop
Input reports that sneaker brand EQLZ recently unboxed a Web3 community.

  • EQLZ Society (which is already on sale on OpenSea) is a collection of 777 “utility-enabled” sneaker NFTs called “Capsule Ocean.”
  • To start, each NFT can be redeemed for a physical pair of shoes with a one-of-a-kind colorway inspired by the ocean.
  • NFT holders will have the opportunity to design a pair of shoes (assumingly, based on an EQLZ model) that will actually be made for real.
  • Holders will also get first dibs on virtual and physical products and have first access to exclusive events and chat channels.

EQLZ plans to unveil several more projects before the end of the year.

Sustainable step
While EQLZ Society is taking a big leap into the Web3 trend, the company is already at the forefront of another: sustainability. EQLZ refers to itself as a “planet-based” sneaker brand, making its shoes out of 100% recycled materials and without using any glue.

But the most fascinating part of the shoes’ design is that the materials are “infused” with ground coffee to keep your feet from stinking. That’s right; your shoes won’t smell in the metaverse or IRL.

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