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Kids find the fun in learning through metaverse video games

Fleming Tech Camps

Kids find the fun in learning through metaverse video games


Future. Video games are being used to teach kids science, math, and logic concepts. Between education outreach from Fortnite creator Epic Games to efforts from independent boot camps, video gaming could soon revolutionize homework in schools across the country.

Curriculum challenge
Games like FortniteMinecraft, and Roblox demonstrate that kids can have fun and learn at the same time.

  • Epic Games, creator of Fortnite, opened up an education outreach program headed by Steve Isaacs.
    • It runs a “boot camp” to teach teachers how to use the game (and its game engine, Unreal Engine) for learning purposes.
  • Epic also released a “sandbox” version of Fortnite, which allows users to modify the game to create islands, mini-games, and other elements.

Video games for homework
Isaacs is also a teacher at Fleming Tech Camps, which teaches around 1,300 campers computer science and STEM concepts through video games. Interestingly, while boys made up the vast majority of attendees when the camp first started back in 2003, girls now represent 40% of campers — and are typically the only ones enrolled in Roblox courses.

Ed Fleming, who founded Fleming Tech Camps, explains that they’re trying to give kids “the tools that they need to lead successful lives in the digital age — and preparing them for the coming of the metaverse.” With the Entertainment Software Association finding that roughly three-fourths of people under 18 play video games weekly, their efforts seem promising.