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Flowers for Society drops physical sneaker and an NFT

Flowers for Society blooms both sneakers and NFTs

Flowers for Society drops physical sneaker and an NFT
Flowers for Society // Illustration by Kate Walker

Flowers for Society blooms both sneakers and NFTs


The Future. A new sneaker brand called Flowers for Society is dropping both a physical sneaker and an NFT of the shoe in an exclusive drop next month. The NFT is meant to act as a key to the brand’s online community, giving holders access to exclusive drops and content. If successful, expect more mainstream streetwear brands like Supreme or Off-White to dip their toes in NFTs as a way to control limited supply.

Double drop
Flowers for Society stretches across two passionate collecting worlds — sneakers and NFTs.

  • The company will drop its first shoe, the SEED.ONE, as both a physical shoe and an NFT.
  • The NFT will give holders the ability to participate in “future sneaker releases, limited editions, and collaborations.”
  • It also gives holders access to the brand’s “metaverse community,” “The Garden of Comfort,” which has similarities to how Kickstroid is rallying sneakerheads.

The shoe is available for pre-order and will officially drop on November 6.

Community cushion
Flowers for Society’s NFT strategy seems like a way to reward early adopters, giving them exclusive access to the company’s (hopefully) future success. Reportedly, there is only a limited number of NFTs, meaning that these community tokens will rise in value as demand for Flowers for Society grows. It’s almost like a sneaker-buying bot that the company controls instead of an entrepreneurial sneakerhead.

Additionally, Flowers for Society is building an education center in Vietnam, where a lot of sneaker manufacturing is done. It plans on continuing to raise funds for projects like this with each drop.