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Fortnite gets fancy with Balenciaga

Courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite gets fancy with Balenciaga


The Future. Fortnite and fashion label Balenciaga are teaming up on a line of both digital and physical clothes, further merging the world between high fashion and gaming (100 Thieves and Gucci, League of Legends and Louis Vuitton). With the amount of money pouring into the world of esports added to the global reach its influencers have, old-world luxury brands may see gaming as the most sure-fire way of capturing the next generation.

Luxury level up
Fortnite is so fashionable.

  • The metaverse-style game is collabing with Balenciaga on a line of in-game merch, which includes skins, a pickaxe, and gliders.
  • Additionally, there’s an “emote” feature which lets characters strike a runway pose (the new victory pose?).
  • A hub inside the game, dubbed “Strange Times,” will be open in the game starting September 28th at 10am. The hub is modeled after physical Balenciaga stores.
  • Balenciaga billboards will also be scattered throughout the game, which will be updated with user-submitted photos of avatars wearing the clothes.

Additionally, there will also be physical clothes from the partnership available for purchase, which includes shirts, hats, and hoodies. These are, unsurprisingly, a lot of money. A hat — the cheapest item on the rack — costs $395.