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Creative studios using Fortnite Creative could build Epic’s metaverse

Illustration by Kate Walker

Creative studios using Fortnite Creative could build Epic’s metaverse


The Future. Although it was released in 2018, Fortnite Creative maps are just hitting their stride thanks to a group of startups building branded worlds for some of the most influential companies in the world. With engagement in these worlds only growing, Epic may use it as a backdoor for launching its own metaverse.

Breaking pixels
According to The Verge, creative studios are using Fortnite’s Creative mode to build branded virtual experiences.

  • Beyond Creative developed a world for Balenciaga that mimicked a virtual city square with a branded storefront at its center.
  • Team Unite created an RPG game within Fortnite for the movie The Northman.
  • Alliance Studios built a mansion full of minigames for Grubhub and recreated KAWS’ Serpentine Galleries.
  • Zen Creative was behind a virtual concert for Brazilian rapper Emicida that transported the artist across multiple worlds as he performed.

World by world
Building Creative maps are beginning to look like good business. Branded worlds within Fortnite and other metaverse-like platforms are driving revenue, with many companies offering “four to six figures,” according to Alliance Studio’s Simon Bell, for projects that range from a few weeks to a few months.

And increased engagement ensures that the hype train doesn’t stop anytime soon. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said, “about half of Fortnite play time by users is now in content created by others, and half is in Epic content.”

But there’s still room for improvement. As of right now, creators can’t design their own custom items for sale, and Fortnite’s Creator Code (code users can enter when buying virtual goods to give map-creators a kickback) is cumbersome and low-paying. But Sweeney says changes are on the way.

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