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Google mints a “Non-Fungible Planet”


Google mints a “Non-Fungible Planet”


Future. Google filed a patent for a mysterious environmental-education program called “Non-Fungible Planet.” While the patent seems to indicate that the program will leverage YouTube to create video playlists of authoritative content about global environmental issues, the program could also leverage the blockchain to fund climate initiatives.

Planet patent
Google is searching for a solution to climate change.

  • The tech giant has filed a patent for an “awareness program” called “Non-Fungible Planet” — a play on NFTs, of course.
  • Although details are scarce, it is most likely an education tool that will leverage Google search to provide authoritative resources about a variety of topics, like:
    • Environmental protection
    • Conservation
    • Energy efficiency
    • Climate change
    • Sustainability
  • According to Input, the program will put the focus on video content.

Back in January, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that the video platform was looking at NFTs as a money-making avenue for creators. Could YouTube-parent Google create its own energy-efficient NFT marketplace to make that a reality? With a name like Non-Fungible Planet, it would be a shame if they didn’t.

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