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GPT- 4 enters the chat

GIF by Kate Walker

GPT- 4 enters the chat


The Future. OpenAI has lifted the veil on its buzzy new AI system, GPT-4. It’s not the major leap that many were hoping for, but it allegedly improves everything that has made ChatGPT a sensation in the tech world. With rivals quickly popping up to take advantage of the sudden demand for all things AI, ChatGPT’s success may hinge on its ability to prove that it can be a powerful tool while also avoiding the pitfalls that have made it seem at turns hilarious and terrifying.

AI evolution
OpenAI is just getting started with ChatGPT.

  • Its new GPT-4 system can take both text and image prompts (though only respond via text), provide responses up to 25,000 words, and is allegedly more conversational.
  • It can also pass exams like the Uniform Bar Exam, LSAT, and SAT with flying colors (to the horror of educators everywhere).
  • The system is already powering the new Microsoft Bing and is set to be implemented in products like Stripe, Duolingo, and Khan Academy.
  • The model is available to the public as part of the paid subscription ChatGPT Plus, and will also be available as an API for developers to build on top of (here’s the waitlist).

All of that is not to say that GPT-4 is perfect. Far from it — it can still “hallucinate” wrong information and generate “violent and harmful text,” but to a lesser statistical degree.

Sounds almost human if you think about it.

Claude, the competitor
But there’s a little drama going on in the world of AI. Also released yesterday was “Claude” — the first chatbot from Anthropic AI, a startup founded by ex-OpenAI employees. It provides similar functions as ChatGPT, but Anthropic says that its training on the principles of “constitutional AI” makes it a safer option than its OpenAI rival.

Claude is already being used by Notion, Quora, and DuckDuckGo, which were among its testing partners. Additional organizations can now request to try out the chatbot, but pricing for the general public hasn’t been made available yet.

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