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Meet Buzzy The Robot


Meet Buzzy The Robot


The Future. Last month, BuzzFeed created a stir when it announced that it would partner with OpenAI to enhance its quiz experience. Yesterday, the collaboration went live with six “Infinity Quizzes” powered by “Buzzy The Robot,” which is based on OpenAI’s publicly available API trained on a mix of text, code, and information. While the outcome of this partnership is still TBD, if it’s profitable for BuzzFeed, it might continue to generate investor interest in the media company, whose share price rose more than 100% following its AI adoption news in January.

Better than Mad Libs
BuzzFeed’s wildly popular online quizzes saw 1.1 billion views in 2022 alone. Its new Infinity Quizzes (and resulting stories) are a collaborative effort between BuzzFeed’s quiz writers, Buzzy The Robot, and quiz takers themselves.

  • Infinity Quizzes give users a basic theme, ask a few keyword questions, and build a personalized narrative around their responses, which is theoretically “infinite” in its variations (hence the name).
  • BuzzFeed saves anonymized prompts and results from OpenAI to improve performance. OpenAI uses that data to decide what quizzes are built next.
  • The current Infinity Quizzes include four that revolve around Valentine’s Day, one sponsored by an advertiser, and one for premium subscribers.

Created by humans, enhanced by AI
Like other generative AI, Infinity Quizzes spit out customized — but sometimes clumsy — results.

Over time, BuzzFeed’s testing and fine-tuning could start to pay off, as Buzzy The Robot reboots not only its quiz experience but also its brand image.

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