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Influencers are exhausted


Influencers are exhausted


The Future. While the creator economy has opened up incredible opportunities for people from all walks of life, it has also grown into a never-ending merry-go-round of content creation that punishes them for not maximizing every opportunity. With the industry expected to double to $18 billion in the near future, this demand on creators will only get tougher… which means that building in ways to give talent a break without jeopardizing their careers may be crucial to their longevity (and sanity).

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According to THR, not even very-online creators can keep up with the Internet… and the dozens of offshoot ventures that are now required to stay relevant.

  • Longtime YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen signed off at the end of 2020, citing that she was ready to hang it up and try something new. She now runs a candle company called The New Savant.
  • YouTuber Marques Brownlee likened a creator’s career to that of a pro athlete, saying that the cycle is maybe 5 to 10 years.
  • Emma Chamberlain has also significantly slowed down her posting (after a six-month hiatus) because of the insane pace. She’s now focusing more on red-carpet interviews, her coffee company, and a podcast.

And highlighting the need for creators to be everywhere all the time, Katie Feeney and Alyssa McKay post on nearly every platform — YouTube, Instagram, TikTok,  and Snapchat — and have to “just constantly be ready to evolve as a creator.”

McKay put the exhaustion of it all front and center when she told THR, “now it’s all about lifestyle, but I’m sure within six months I’m probably going to be on to something else. That’s hard because that could lead to burnout, trying to constantly think of the next thing, but that’s one of the biggest parts of the job.” I’m exhausted just thinking about that.

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