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Google plays the hits

Google plays the hits


The Future. Google’s top searches of the year have dropped, and they’re a fascinating reflection of the obsessions, heartbreaks, and stresses of users all around the world. Most interestingly, the data shows that even the simplest and most humble of creations, like Wordle, have the potential to capture the attention of everyone.

Search trophies
Google has the answers on what the most popular searches were for 2022.

In the US…

  • Wordle was the most-searched term, followed by “election results” — incredible priorities insight.
  • The top ten included beloved figures that passed away, like Betty White, Queen Elizabeth, Bob Saget, and Anne Heche.
  • And then rounding out the top ten was Ukraine (obviously), get-rich-quick hopefuls like Mega Millions and Powerball, and Jeffrey Dahmer (thanks, Netflix).


  • Wordle was still on top! (NYT truly made a fantastic investment here)
  • iPhone 14 makes an appearance because every iPhone is an event.
  • Sports was a big draw, with cricket getting in India vs. England, India vs. South Africa, India vs. West Indies, and Indian Premier League on the top ten board.
    • The World Cup is on there too.
  • And rounding out the list were US repeats, Ukraine, Queen Elizabeth, and Jeffrey Dahmer (indeed a great day for Ryan Murphy).

No word yet on TikTok’s top searches, which is what all the kids are apparently using.

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