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Rhett & Link launch a 24/7 channel

Courtesy of Mythical

Rhett & Link launch a 24/7 channel


The Future. Popular YouTubers Rhett & Link are launching a FAST channel called Mythical 24/7 on Roku. If successful, it could usher in a new wave of ad-supported streaming TV channels dedicated to individual creators — the fulfillment of the grand ambitions of last decade’s multi-channel networks like Maker Studios and Fullscreen.

Never offline
Rhett & Link want to make sure fans never turn off the TV.

  • Mythical 24/7 is a “TV-like, around-the-clock stream” on The Roku Channel of the creators’ various shows, archival content, specials, sketches, and music videos.
  • That includes Good Morning Mythical (which is reportedly the most-watched daily show on the internet at 70 million average monthly views), “Good Mythical More,” “Mythical Kitchen,” and “Ear Biscuits.”
  • The channel launched yesterday in the US, Canada, Mexico, and the UK.

With 77 million subscribers across the various YouTube channels it owns, Mythical has 77 million subscribers… so this thing has the makings of being a creator-driven hit.

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