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TikTok reigns for sports coverage

TikTok ads

TikTok reigns for sports coverage


The Future. Brands like NBCUniversal and State Farm are choosing TikTok over traditionally coveted TV ad slots for massive sports events, like the Super Bowl and the Olympics. China will even be allowing athletes and foreign media to have uncensored internet access at the Games. With primetime ratings declining fast, TikTok may be a key channel for companies that want to target new audiences.

Tok vs. TV

TikTok is becoming a sports marketer’s paradise.

    • Instead of airing a TV ad for the Super Bowl, State Farm has picked TikTok as its go-to marketing channel.
    • NBCUniversal announced that it will be partnering with TikTok to promote the upcoming  Beijing Olympics, complete with livestreams and a TikTok show hosted by a creator.

NBC’s move comes after urging from human rights groups to cover geopolitical issues. The Beijing Games have been a source of controversy, with multiple countries announcing diplomatic boycotts.

The Tok Games

With over a billion active users in over 150 countries, it’s easy to see why companies are opting to advertise with TikTok. While a Super Bowl ad can run up to $5.6 million for a 30-second spot, brands can go viral by making simple, low-budget videos that organically find the right audience.

And, younger Gen Z audiences watch far less TV than their older counterparts. But that doesn’t mean they’re not watching content. While viewership plummeted 42% for the Olympics compared to the 2016 games, NBCUniversal reported that Olympic-related content amassed over 18 billion views on the platform.