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Neon Carnival sets up in Paris Hilton’s world

Neon Carnival in Paris World // courtesy of Disored via Twitter

Neon Carnival sets up in Paris Hilton’s world


Future. Paris Hilton joined forces with Neon Carnival to host the party in the metaverse. Don’t worry, Coachella second weekenders; the physical shindig is still going down in the desert, but a virtual replica is also happening in Paris World inside Roblox for those that are tired of sweating. If a lot of people showed up to the virtual Neon Carnival and felt like they got enough bang for their buck, expect several other exclusive parties to throw duplicate versions online (just like how film festivals have been doing).

Upload into the afterparty
Coachella has been resurrected from the fog of COVID, which means so did the event’s biggest off-site party, Neon Carnival. And in the most-2022 move imaginable, it went straight for the metaverse.

  • Neon Carnival founder Brent Bolthouse partnered with socialite, heiress, and, yes, metaverse maven Paris Hilton to bring the party to her virtual world in Roblox, Paris World.
  • Other than hosting the party, Hilton also DJs.

Taking place during both Coachella weekends, attendees recreate the experience of actually getting to the party by taking a bus out of the hub of Paris World to the space where the virtual party is located (they couldn’t make it that easy!).

Hilton also shared the blueprints of this year’s Neon Carnival so it could be accurately replicated in the game. Only this time, it will probably be able to host many more than the usual 8,000 people that join the party in real life.

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