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Netflix may green-light live streaming

Netflix live streaming // Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix may green-light live streaming


Future. Netflix is reportedly testing out a live-streaming feature that could transform engagement on its unscripted shows and comedy specials. While it may seem like Netflix is just going after the appointment-based viewing of broadcast TV, the streamer’s experiments with interactive content could turn live programming into audience engagement-driven hits.

Vote and subscribe
After recently announcing that it would introduce an ad tier to its platform, Netflix is getting a little more like traditional T.V., with the potential rollout of live streaming.

  • According to Deadline, the feature is still in early development, but it would be focused at first on unscripted shows and stand-up specials.
  • The feature could allow for live voting in upcoming competition series, such as the dance-focused Dance 100.
  • It could also be used to capture buzzy reunions of hits like Selling SunsetThe Circle, or Too Hot to Handle.
  • Another use-case could be the Netflix is a Joke comedy festival that takes place around L.A. Some of the sets are already set to appear as specials on the service.

Appointment streaming
The confirmation of a live-stream development shows that Netflix is looking to expand its service offerings, especially as competitors start to scratch at Netflix’s dominance (though it still has quite the lead). While Netflix’s MO has been “watch what you want, when you want,” platforms like Hulu, Peacock, Paramount+, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV+ all already have a live component. And Disney+  (Netflix’s biggest competitor) recently moved the highly-rated Dancing With the Stars to Disney+, which will be its first live show.

Considering that live sports is becoming the new battlefield in the streaming wars, could Netflix jump in with this new feature? Time will tell, but the Formula One series Drive to Survive has been a breakout for the streamer. It’s not hard to imagine that it would want to capitalize on that.

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