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Nike drops real shoes with its NFTs

Courtesy of RTFKT

Nike drops real shoes with its NFTs


The Future. Nike’s RTFKT is releasing real-world versions of its virtual “Space Drip” line — the company’s first simultaneous physical and digital sneaker. If sales are high (and this is Nike, so sales will probably be high), expect Nike to test new or experimental designs as virtual-first offerings, then mint the most popular ones as IRL footwear. It’s a move that could further democratize the sneaker-design industry.

The genuine RTFKT
Even Nike’s virtual arm wants to get physical. On the heels of its first virtual sneaker offering with the Swoosh, RTFKT is offering physical versions of a new line of Air Force 1s.

  • The shoes will be designs from the company’s “Space Drip” project, initially launched by RTFKT in March 2021 — before Nike acquired it.
  • The new line will feature looks from 19 artists, including film and video game designer Ben Mauro and Roblox queen Paris Hilton.
  • Owners of the original NFTs can claim a pair until December 6, while new customers can purchase their kicks via OpenSea.

Considering the NFTs now coincide with a physical shoe, it’s no wonder that Nike is fighting StockX over its VaultNFT feature. If Nike has an NFT for a certain sneaker and StockX also has one for the same shoe (if it’s resold on its platform), which NFT is the real NFT?

Maybe this is the end of 1/1s…

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