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Travel needs a software update

Smart cities // Illustration by Kate Walker

Travel needs a software update


Future. City infrastructure needs a big update if it hopes to survive an influx of residents and a rapidly changing climate. Now, scientists are looking to harness the power of A.I. computer vision and sustainable spaces in order to build a better way to live. In this new world, infrastructure may be just as digital as it is physical.

Code and concrete
Devin Liddell, a futurist who has worked for clients such as Nike, Boeing, Intel, and Toyota, has some ideas about how daily travel will be disrupted by coming innovations.

  • It’ll get smart and digital. Traffic will take on a whole new dimension as roads are operated by A.I., monitored by drones, and vehicles will be autonomous and connected to the city’s infrastructure database. Additionally, larger transportation projects like airports, ferry terminals, and railways can be customized using AR and 3D printing to quickly customize navigational markings.
  • It’ll be sustainable… and also make transportation sustainable. While sustainable energy sources are on the rise, fossil fuels are still highly used. Transitioning to clean energy at scale will require building solar, wind, and electric conduits right into buildings, roads, and other projects. Hooray for things being multi-use!
  • Mobility will become “intermodal.” Transportation will become “increasingly autonomous, connected, electric, and shared.” Commanded by a municipal A.I. framework, moving throughout a city will be optimized for each unique resident’s needs in mind — with the system handling payments, planning, and prompting.

The need for smart cities is paramount when 70% of the human population is expected to live in metros by 2050, and 90% of cities are coastal and subject to climate change.

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