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Snoop Dogg is building the "Snoopverse"-thefutureparty

Snoop Dogg is building the “Snoopverse”

Snoop Dogg is building the "Snoopverse"-thefutureparty
Snoopverse // Courtesy of Death Row Records

Snoop Dogg is building the “Snoopverse”


Future. Snoop Dogg is launching a metaverse project called the “Snoopverse,” which will give fans exclusive access to the rapper’s digital home and virtual concerts. With Paris Hilton launching her own metaverse experience inside Roblox, the new celebrity revenue stream may be found in creating worlds of your own, that your fans can experience whenever they please.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

How bullish is Snoop Dogg on the metaverse? He’s making his own full-fledged metaverse experience.

  • Dubbed the “Snoopverse,” token holders will be able to explore Snoop’s mansion in The Sandbox (modeled after his real mansion) and attend virtual concerts.
  • The Early Access Pass to the Snoopverse is already on sale… but it’ll run you around $2,000 at current rates (crypto fluctuates, y’all).

Snoop even dropped an accompanying music video for a song called “House I Built,” showing off what fans can expect inside the rapper’s blocky digs.

Fire up the Web3

Snoop has been all-in on Web3 applications for the past couple of years.

Snoop is also redesigning the newly acquired Death Row Records to put out artists “through the metaverse.” Looks like he’ll have an entourage in both the real and virtual world.

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