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Superplastic Builds "Disney of NFTs" Metaverse

Superplastic plots “Disney of NFTs” strategy

Superplastic Builds "Disney of NFTs" Metaverse
Disney of NFTs // Courtesy of Superplastic

Superplastic plots “Disney of NFTs” strategy


The Future. Media company Superplastic is building a world of anarchic animated characters that are populating stories on social platforms, the blockchain, toy shelves, and eventually the big screen. In the coming interconnected digital world of the metaverse, Superplastic could have a ready-made IP that sits at the intersection of modern entertainment and commerce.

Superplastic wants to be the “weird Disney” of the 21st century… and it just might pull it off.

Here’s how:

  • Put characters first. Superplastic started its journey by making its flagship characters, Janky and Guggimon, famous through social media. They now have 8 million followers across Instagram, TikTok, and Discord by building anarchic stories around them.
  • Make media of the moment. Janky and Guggimon (and other characters like Dayzee and Staxx) have a licensing agreement with Fortnite. The company is also self-financing an animated horror-comedy feature film starring them that will be released in theaters.
  • Turn to reality. Character toys sell out in minutes during limited-edition drops, and the company plans to open retail stores in NYC and Miami.
  • Own everything, then share it. Superplastic is moving quickly into the NFT space, not just with digital artwork, but with social tokens that can unlock exclusive community features, such as a “special room” in the company’s online store… and, soon, the brick-and-mortar stores.

Founder Paul Budnitz says that the key to the company’s success is to “control everything.” At a time when studios, streaming services, and even investment groups are paying a premium to own brands, Superplastic is setting itself apart. And with $38 million in funding, it may pull it off.