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Twitter rolls out privacy-explainer game

Twitter Data Dash // Courtesy of Twitter

Twitter rolls out privacy-explainer game


Future. Twitter has debuted a computer game that can educate users about how privacy works on the platform. It may be fairly basic, but it could pave the way for companies to gamify all of their fine print (which, let’s face it, no one really reads) and avoid the headaches of users being confused by ever-changing standards.

Privacy player
Twitter is updating the fine print with a new game titled Twitter Data Dash (which you can play here).

  • The side-scrolling browser game, made by developer Mom Pixel, is meant to be an easy way to teach users about the platform’s privacy policies.
  • Players accompany Data the dog through themed levels (ads, trolls, etc.) as you try to collect five bones.
  • Each level also has a button linking players to Twitter’s privacy-setting pages. For example, once players beat the ad level (which has cats wearing ad boards), Twitter gives you the link to where you can turn personalized ads on or off

The Verge reports that Twitter is in the midst of a big privacy policy overhaul — specifically how it communicates that privacy. Twitter says that it’s now “emphasized clear language and moved away from legal jargon” in all its fine print.

Elon Musk’s imminent takeover of Twitter could complicate that though.

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