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Twitter could get a Boring CEO


Twitter could get a Boring CEO


The Future. Steve Davis, CEO of The Boring Company since 2019, is rumored to be in contention to take over the top bird spot from Musk. If Davis, a longtime Musk partner, does take over, Musk would be free to return his attention to the embattled Tesla. But would Musk be handing over the reins to someone who doesn’t appear to have a vision for the social platform… beyond cost-cutting?

Clear the nest
According to a report from Platformer, the search for Twitter’s new CEO may be coming to an end… and it may be someone already very close to Musk.

  • Steve Davis, current CEO of Musk’s tunnel-digging startup The Boring Company, is rumored to be in contention for the spot.
  • This comes after he has become a key part of the Twitter transition team, even being the mastermind behind the company’s latest round of layoffs (after Musk promised there wouldn’t be any more layoffs).
  • And in December, Davis was tasked with finding $500 million in cuts at the company. He found $1 billion.

Hardcore hazing
How bad does Davis seem to want the job? He was reportedly one of the first people to take up Musk’s call to be “hardcore” at the company by sleeping at Twitter HQ with his partner and newborn child in a makeshift office. And having worked with Musk since 2003, the dedication runs deep.

Even if Davis doesn’t get the job, Musk has stated that he will step down from the top of the nest after this ongoing “initial burst of activity” — abiding by the obviously legally-binding results of a Twitter poll calling for his resignation.

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