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WIOpro unleashes residuals and royalties watchdog


WIOpro unleashes residuals and royalties watchdog


The Future. A new software service called WIOpro aims to help artists keep track of shows and movies that they’re involved in, so they can accurately account for how much they’re owed in residual or royalty payments. With more streaming services and cable channels available than reasonable, an a la carte service such as this one could help more artists make a living from their work.

Channel hounds
Hollywood unions and music associations are about to get some help with keeping track of what artists are owed.

  • Entertainment tech startup WIO (which stands for “When’s It On?”) is launching WIOpro — a software service that monitors the airing of films and shows around the world.
    • It tracks 500,000 titles in 55 countries on over 45,000 networks.
  • Why? To help artists, including writers, directors, and composers, know when something of theirs plays so they can track how much they’re owed in residuals or royalties.

The web-based service allows users to search for and then add titles to their unique “portfolios,” with prices ranging from $9/year for a movie or single episode to $1,299/year to track up to 10,000 titles. There are also enterprise subscriptions available for creative groups or representatives.

But here’s the million-dollar question: Does the service work? According to co-founder Shawn Pierce (composer of The Bridge and Haven), he tracked down $50,000 in missing royalties with the service. That’s real money.