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Xiaomi debuts a humanoid robot

Courtesy of Xiaomi

Xiaomi debuts a humanoid robot


The Future. At an event earlier this week, Xiaomi debuted a humanoid robot prototype called the CyberOne, which can process not only the world around it, but supposedly a wide range of human emotions. While the latter  has yet to be proven, if the CyberOne can get even close to that capability, it may be the perfect marketing vehicle for its other devices.

Metal Bro
Engadget reports that Chinese company Xiaomi is one step closer to making Will Smith’s I, Robot a reality.

  • The CyberOne, nicknamed “Metal Bro,” stands 5.8 feet and weighs 115 pounds.
  • It has a curved OLED panel for a face, can see the world in 3D, hears via two microphones, and has a body with 21 degrees of motion thanks to 13 joints.
  • The robot can even recognize 85 environmental sounds to help process the world around it.
  • When it (one day, maybe) hits the market, it’ll cost somewhere between $89,100 to $104,000.

The CyberOne beats Tesla to the punch (does anyone remember the guy in the suit?), but it doesn’t have the same range of motion as Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot (I mean, that thing can do parkour).

Program a friend
Even though the CyberOne isn’t made for movement, its emotional acuity may be the marketing point.

  • Xiaomi says the robot can be used for “human companionship” as it can “identify 45 types of emotions from human vocal expressions.”
  • It can allegedly “detect happiness, and even comfort the user in times of sadness.”

That feels like a long way off from Xiaomi’s demo where the CyberOne shuffled onto stage, gave CEO Lei Jun a flower, and then accepted a request to take a selfie… but at least that’s a start.

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