Story Protocol manages online IP ownership and collaboration with the blockchain

Story Protocol gets creative on the blockchain

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The Future. Technology startup Story Protocol is betting in the world of generative AI, the blockchain may provide a foundation for creators to keep track of their work and get paid for it. If widely adopted (and understood), Story Protocol could usher in a new era of online creativity that assures creators even when their works take on lives of their own, they’ll still be compensated and retain ownership.

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Story Protocol, an “intellectual property platform,” has built a system that allows people to collaborate on works online and pay anyone who contributes to them.

  • With Story Protocol, IP owners can manage “provenance tracking, licensing, and revenue sharing.”
  • That allows artists and writers to post their work online to be contributed to or remixed and still get paid.
  • The company plans to team with third parties on everything from crowdfunding to authentication for AI content — becoming a one-stop shop for collaboration on the internet.

Founded by Seung Yoon “SY” Lee, Jason Levy, and Jason Zhao, Story Protocol has already raised over $54 million for the venture from investors like a16z, Endeavor, and Samsung Ventures.

And to solidify it wants to be an asset for the entertainment industry (which, in case you weren’t aware, has some strong feelings about IP ownership and AI), the company has brought on renowned filmmaker David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight, the Blade trilogy) as an advisor.


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