Every app wants you to keep the “streak”

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The Future. Streaks — that ability to keep something like Snaps or pokes or whatever going for years on end — are entering a new phase of cultural saturation. Every platform wants their own version, and marketers are increasingly seeing them as a key way to consistently engage users. Don’t be surprised if influencers start doling out rewards for followers who keep a streak with their content.

Engagement hyperdrive
Will 2024 be the Year of the Streak?

  • Marketing researchers Jackie Silverman and Alixandra Barasch found that 101 major platforms have started to incorporate streaks into their interfaces.
  • That includes apps as diverse as Candy Crush Saga, Wordle, Duolingo, and Snapchat (the OG).
  • Streaks have become so prevalent that there are now apps to track them (digital ones and IRL ones).

Why are streaks so addictive? Clemson University marketing professor Danny Weathers writes in Fast Company that they scratch a few different itches: gamification, strategy for a high-level goal, and low-pressure commitment.

Essentially, a potentially greater dopamine hit than a push notification.

David Vendrell

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