Ticketmaster tries a new anti-scalping policy for Olivia Rodrigo’s tour

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The Future. Ticketmaster doesn’t want another TSwift situation with Olivia Rodrigo’s upcoming Guts tour, so it’s implementing some changes that could cut off scalping. If the plan decreases scalping and makes it easier for actual fans to secure seats, scoring last-minute tickets at absurd prices may soon be a thing of the past.

No more Sour taste
Olivia Rodrigo fans will be eagerly refreshing their inboxes a few days before scheduled concerts.

  • Ticketmaster won’t send customers tickets until 72 hours before the show… and they’ll only be sent electronically.
  • The hope is by crunching down the window when scalpers can feasibly resell tickets on the secondary market, fewer will even attempt to buy tickets en masse when they originally go on sale.

While Ticketmaster has piloted this system with shows by Doja Cat and Ed Sheeran, according to Forbes, the Rodrigo tour is expected to be the largest test case. If successful, it would likely be a blueprint for tours moving forward.

And, it could be a key bargaining chip in courting favor with both customers and the government.


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