TikTok may bring gaming to the endless scroll

TikTok is testing a livestream desktop feature.

TikTok may bring gaming to the endless scroll


The Future. TikTok is testing a livestream desktop feature which could help the company move into gaming and expand its livestream-shopping features. With TikTok’s popularity already sky-high, a few strong acquisitions in the talent space could immediately make the platform a competitor for eyeballs… but will the popular UI need to change in order to work on a non-vertical screen?

On the bigger screen
TikTok may be taking on gaming.

  • The social platform is reportedly testing a new desktop streaming software called TikTok Live Studio.
  • It allows users to stream live footage from their desktops, such as games and other applications.

So far, the feature is only being tested with a handful of users in Western countries.

A stitch in Twitch’s side
TikTok has been a mostly-mobile experience thus far (although there are versions on smart TVs and on airlines), but a move into desktop capabilities greatly expands what’s possible on the platform.

First and foremost, it gives TikTok an avenue into livestream gaming, which is currently the domain of Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. And then, of course, livestream shopping can be pushed front and center for creators.