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The Future. TikTok Shop is starting to go viral through both traditional sales and live streaming. While it’s still a far cry from China’s $500 billion in social commerce sales last year, TikTok’s hold on 150 million users in the US could make it the first de facto Amazon competitor in the domestic ecommerce space… and cement a new style of influencer.

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Having only launched in September, TikTok Shop already facilitates the sale of $7 million in products per day, and the company hopes to get that number up to $10 million by the end of the year.

  • The LA Times reports that TikTok Shop does this by bombarding people with user-generated reviews and recommendations for the same product — making them feel like they need to give in.
  • It also makes spending easy for both sellers and buyers, offering endless promotions and shipping waivers to spike sales.
  • To become a seller, a user only needs to be 18 or older and have at least 5,000 followers — a tiny barrier to entry by influencer standards.
  • And while making the typical 20 cents to $7 on commission per product seems tiny, it can add up fast when you go viral.

Just how fast, you ask? Creator/pre-school teacher Katelyn Beaupre started selling cream from the brand Ocean Healed My Eczema, marketing it in countless videos to her 95,000 followers. On a commission of $3 per bottle, she made a whopping $20,000 last month.

That’s a big win for her and for Ocean Healed My Eczema founder Jay Nagy, who reported that he’s already sold $1 million of the cream three months into launching the product on TikTok Shop.

It looks like people were really jonesing for a good eczema treatment.

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