Music streamers turn to TikTok-style feeds to fuel discovery

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The Future. To continue attracting the youths, music streaming services are rolling out their versions of TikTok’s “For You” page, hoping a mix of music discovery and social features can boost engagement. While it feels like a race to see whose copycat feature will reign supreme, it’s the race toward sociability that could be groundbreaking. So, don’t be surprised if a company cracks the code on a platform that’s Spotify-meets-Letterboxd.

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Everyone is trying to copy TikTok before TikTok Music is unleashed on the masses.

  • SoundCloud just dropped a discovery feed to all its users, which features static images and 30-second clips of songs.
  • YouTube Music released its “Samples” feed last month and recently added a commenting feature.
  • Spotify updated its mobile app in March to include a vertical video discovery feed.
  • And, of course, TikTok Music has recreated the endless scroll experience of its classic app… but it’s still only available in five countries.

The rush to create actionable, discoverable, vertical feeds is because “younger consumers are more interested in having a more social streaming experience,” says MIDiA Research analyst Tatiana Cirisano. Last year, the firm found over half of users between the ages of 25 and 34 wanted features like profile pages and the ability to message on their streaming apps.

Could we soon get Spotify DMs? It sounds like a sure bet to us.


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