TikTok’s top trending videos reveal a fractured culture

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The Future. Another year, another top trending list from TikTok to see if we’re really plugged into online culture, or if we’ve crafted an echo chamber of one. As TikTok continues to redefine what’s mainstream, social media success may now be defined not by who has the largest metrics, but by who best cultivates their niche — great for the creator economy, maybe not so great for brands looking for a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy.

For You… and you only
TikTok’s “top videos and trends” list is a poster child for a fractured culture, argues The Verge.

  • The top trending videos in the US were @dollievision’s makeup tutorial, @justinflom’s creation of an Iron Man light fixture, and @through.the.lleaves’ very large cat — which all clocked over 350 million views.
  • The top trending songs in the US were bops from Justine Skye, Twin Ver., and PARTYNEXTDOOR — all sped up, of course.
  • The top trending creators in the US were restaurant-reviewer Keith Lee, singer Young Miko, and model Sofia Richie Grainge who turned her wedding into a For You hit.
  • And the top trends in the US were “girl dinner,” “acting like you’re in a Wes Anderson film,” and “learning our red, green, and beige flags.”

You may be thinking either: “of course I know all those things,” or “what the what?” …and that’s kind of the point. TikTok’s hyper-personalized algorithm means that you may be a part of the masses who are tuned in or who are totally oblivious to what’s trending on the platform.

But some trends have such real-world effects that they demonstrate they really did change culture. Case in point: Barbenheimer.

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