TikTok platforms tomorrow’s comedy stars

Next-gen comics take over TikTok

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The Future. The popularity of TikTok has brought attention to a new crop of unlikely comedians. With the platform being an ideal place to show clever, creative, and brief content, it may be ideally suited to comedians whose styles don’t neatly fit into the standup format.

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Variety spotlighted some up-and-coming comedians who have made their marks by going viral on TikTok.

  • DeMarcus Shawn (@artbydemarcusshawn) has six million followers keeping tabs on his skits, with celebrities like Steve Lacy and SZA counting themselves as fans.
  • Jake Shane (@octopusslover8) uses his comedy chops across skits, PSAs, food reviews, and more, building an audience of over two million.
  • Rahul Rai (@therealrahulrai) has leveraged her digital popularity to score acting roles on Barry and The Upshaws.
  • Chrissy Allen (@csapunch) has turned dancing — specifically, ‘90s R&B — into a form of comedy.

And of course, the OG of the TikTok explosion is Sarah Cooper, who rode a wave of virality to land her own show, Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine.

We have no doubt every comedy rep in Hollywood is scrolling to find their next client.


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