Gen Z heads back to college… towns

The hope is to get the best of the big city at a big discount.

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The Future. Young people are moving to college towns in droves, but not necessarily the colleges they attended. The hope is to get the best of the big city at a big discount. That migration pattern may inspire emerging boomtowns to consider updates that cater to these new demographics.

City dorm
Grads want to stay close to campus… any campus.

  • US Census data analyzed by Today’s Homeowner found that Gen Z has been flocking to “metros that are socially, economically, and recreationally influenced by colleges.”
  • LinkedIn independently came to the same conclusion after studying new employment data on the platform.
  • Hot cities include Washington, DC; Columbia, South Carolina; Madison, Wisconsin; and Boston, Massachusetts.
  • These places give residents most of the trappings of big cosmopolitan cities like NYC or LA but with cheaper rents and general cost of living.

Additionally, studies have found that many Gen Zers, who are generally putting off marriage and starting a family, are flocking to college towns to be in a community of young people who share the trauma of going through college during the pandemic.

Call it urban group therapy.


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