Travel agents make a comeback with young vacationers

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The Future. While the use of travel agents had sharply declined last decade since their heyday in the ‘90s, the industry is now on an upswing as Gen Zers and millennials discover how easy and cost-effective it is to use them. As a number of tourist hotspots throughout Europe introduce strategies to curb over-tourism, the most successful agents may be those who can recommend and plan trips in under-appreciated destinations.

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Young people want to go on vacation without all the hassle of planning one.

  • 76% of travel agents report getting more work in 2021 than they did before the pandemic.
  • In 2023, 38% of Gen Zers and millennials preferred using a travel agent than planning a trip themselves — way more than 12% of Gen Xers and 2% of boomers.
  • They’re turning to agencies like Fora and Sojourney Travel, which can curate a trip to have a certain aesthetic or focus on sustainability, have cheap services, or sometimes work on commission from hotels and other travel firms.

The demand for travel agents comes as money spent on travel and entertainment popped 30% last year. Young people were behind much of that spending.

And with millennials and Gen Zers traveling more frequently than older generations and considering travel more important than other life goals, the ability to have trips planned that are hassle-free, unique, and curated is very attractive.

David Vendrell

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