The rise of Twitch gambling

Twitch is seeing its gambling category gain momentum.

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The rise of Twitch gambling


The Future. Streaming platform Twitch is seeing its gambling category gain momentum, amassing hundreds of thousands of followers. While gambling streaming remains a controversial topic, many streamers say they prize the social connections on Twitch more than the money they make… signaling a potential shift in priority for the slots streaming community — from finances to friends.

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Slots streamers just want to hang out.

  • A growing number of gamblers on Twitch say they view their streams as a form of entertainment, like a reality TV show.
  • Many say that online gambling isn’t as lucrative as it seems — instead, slots streaming is a way for them to connect with others online.

The house always streams
In August, Twitch banned streamers from sharing links or referral codes to gambling games, citing concerns about underage viewers and the encouragement of reckless betting.

Streamers acknowledge these issues, but many are adamant that they’re not there to glorify gambling — rather, audiences are drawn to their personalities and the drama, not the game itself.

“People are invested in the streamer — they like to see someone’s balance go up and down because they find it captivating,” says Kionne, a slots streamer, “It’s an emotional thing.”

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