Twitter posts crypto tools

Twitter is hatching some crypto features.

Twitter posts crypto tools


The Future. Twitter is hatching some crypto features, allowing users to send and receive tips in Bitcoin and even eventually mint their own tweets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). For anyone that’s been following CEO Jack Dorsey’s passionate belief in crypto, these features won’t come as a surprise. In particular, the NFTing of tweets may put an end to power-users co-opting thoughts or jokes from those with much fewer followers.

Bitcoin birds
Dorsey’s love of Bitcoin is spreading its wings on Twitter, making it the first mainstream social platform to roll out crypto features to its users.

  • Not content to just announce its new tipping feature, which is now available to all iOS users, the company said the feature will accept Bitcoin (along with nine other payment methods).
    • Android compatibility will roll out shortly.
  • Tips made with Bitcoin will be facilitated by Bitcoin-wallet app Strike, which received investment from Dorsey.
  • Twitter will also allow users to copy and paste their Bitcoin addresses to their profile, which will allow them to send Bitcoin tips from any of their crypto wallets.
  • Users can send emoji reactions when someone sends them a tip, and Twitter will also generate an invoice of all tips so users can keep track.

Strike works everywhere except New York, Hawaii and the country of El Salvador (where Bitcoin just became legal tender).