Twitter flies into NFTs

Twitter is giving some lucky users (140 to be exact) newly created Twitter-themed NFTs.

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Twitter flies into NFTs


Future. Twitter is giving some lucky users (140 to be exact) newly created Twitter-themed NFTs. Best of all, they’re free, with the platform selecting randomly who will receive them. Twitter says it’s just a little fun campaign… but if it goes well, expect the company to try out more long-lasting experiments in the space.

Nest egg
Twitter is giving away some NFTs.

  • Twitter is giving away 140 (of course) different NFTs for absolutely no cost.
  • In reality, it’s 20 versions of 7 different designs, all of which are visual puns about using Twitter.
  • They will be available via Rarible — a third-party platform for buying and selling digital assets.

So how does one put their hat in the ring to get one of the NFTs? Twitter users have to reply to this tweet for a chance to be randomly selected.

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Twitter said that it got into the NFT game simply because a lot of people talk about it on the platform. Specifically, 29 million tweets about NFTs have been shared this year alone. A Twitter spokesperson claims that the company has no other plans in the space, but never say never.

As was reported last year, CEO Jack Dorsey has had some personal success when it comes to NFTs. He sold his first ever tweet on the platform Valuables by Cent for 1630 ETH — or $2.9 million. The proceeds were donated to combat COVID in Africa.

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